Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just life

My beloved Nathan,

Things aren't like they should be. I should quit hurting shouldn't I? I should quit loving to hear the music you loved, shouldn't I? But I don't, I don't quit hurting. When I try to comfort people, I always relate to my loss about you. I'm hushed sometimes, because I go on so. Not by the grieving, but by others who think I'm inappropriate. It's so strange that there are those who think me out of line. You always wished I would be MORE out of line. :-) So Nathan my love, my wish is to meet again with you, but not before your mama does, because that would grieve her so. And hey! By the way, I am far less irritated at loud music, because you shared your perspective, and I'm well enough to understand.

It's graduation time of year. A very painful time of year. Last year I was so damn bitter. You should have been graduating. I want to be with you my beloved grandson. I miss you so much.

Love, Grama