Saturday, June 6, 2009

I miss him

I don't have anything new to say at all. I just miss you my darling Nathan so darn much. The last couple days have been horrible. I am not sure what set this off. I had this strange experience the other day. I was playing a little game on the computer. One I don't think you would ever have played, but who really knows. :-) All at once I sensed you were with me letting me know you'd just bought a scarecrow. You weren't a ghost or a vision or anything supernatural. I can't quite explain it. I've never heard anyone relate any experience quite like it. And I could smell your scent. Oh your sweet scent.

I love you Nathan and it doesn't matter to me that people think I need to get over you. I will never "be over" losing you, my first grandchild. I will always have moments that I hurt so badly that I feel as though I can't go on. Sometimes those moments will be just a moment. Other times they may last for days.

I could go on forever, but, I know I need not. I love you my beloved Nathan. I can't wait until we meet again. Gram and I plan on having a race to see who can get to you first once we arrive. So far I have the advantage, 'cause Gram hurt her foot and can't move too fast.


  1. But in heaven...the foot will be who will get there first??? :o)

    And your heart will be healed, too, my friend...


  2. Glad to see a post. It keeps Nathan's memory alive. You will never get over losing him, you will heal but never will you be the same.

  3. Thank you both for your responses. They are both encouraging.

    It's so good to hear someone say with understanding that I will never get over him. And I do like to keep his memory alive. Alive and vivid. At times I'm afraid the memories witll fade and I just don't want that to happen.

    Love, Lin