Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hello my beloved,

It's coming up on the fall season again. Of course with fall comes one of your favorite celebrations, Halloween. You were always such a prankster. muahahaha. Remember when you scared the little kids, Nick and Caden, with the Freddie mask? You were so bad. I think of you and smile, and savor the thoughts. And it's a little easier to do as I sit and smell the apples that have fallen off the trees. It smells vaguely like apple cider. hmmmmmmm. We have a cat now. His name is Barney. He takes his toys, (yes we actually buy the cat toys) into his bed. Yes he has a bed in the barn. He's quite a pampered little boy. Anyway, while making sure everything was fit for King Barnie, I discovered an apple, all brown, shriveled and dried up, in his bed! Good grief, he loves it! Well buddy, That's it for now. I love you as always, and I look forward to our reunion. Love and Hugs.

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