Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Sweet Lamb

The screen saver on my computer is a slide show of Nathan, one of my favorite things upon which to gaze.

The picture showing just as I walked back to the computer was a photo of Nathan with a group of other young people at a religious outing. This particular group of people didn't treat Nathan very well in regards to some of his problems. They were cold and cruel, and the hurt is reflected in his face. It's particularly hurtful because Nathan was such a gentle and sweet man.

I remember one time when he was mowing the lawn for his dad and he ran over a baby bunny. He wept and wept. I didn't think he would ever get over it. It was awful.

He always befriended the underdogs at school, because he couldn't tolerate others being mistreated.

I think when these gentle lambs are hurt, as Nathan was by this group, it goes deep, very deep. I know this incident affected him deeply.

There is no point to this post really. It's just another aspect of missing Nathan that I just had to get off my chest.

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