Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello Nathan

I was sitting here just now, thinking how nice it would have been, had you spoken softly to me the other day, to direct me through a difficult task I recently had. Immediately, of course, the light came on, and I realized, that if our beloveds on the other side could speak to us, with answers to every question we have, we would most likely lose our faith in God as there would be no need to call on Him. We would always call on you.

I am totally beginning to understand why the only communication we here on earth, can have with the heavenly saints, is in worship of His Holiness. You are perfected, we are not. We only know our earthly desires. Mine would be for you to help me as you always did. But I know the fleshly me and ... well you know Buddy.

I have been missing you terribly much lately. I love you more than ever.

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