Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year Darling Boy

Some how I don't think time is relative where you are. :-) It's not totally different from our time here. The goats get milked once a day, they don't know New Year from any other day. And it's for that reason that Papaw Phil and I will be home this eve and in bed before midnight. We do chores of a morning and they need done regardless of dates. Nathan, you would have so much fun making fun of Grama and the animals. I miss your ornery taunting. Remember "Am I aggravating you yet?" and "Give me the can." No one teases me anymore, not the way you did my darling, with love and kindness, never risking a hurt feeling. What was it you said at the local grocery about my T-shirt being up on one side and down on the other? :-D Something about all old ladies do that? hehehe I remember when you were just a little fella and I had you a lot of the time when your Mommy was working. Over on Valley Dr., you used to sit under the computer desk when I was online (AOL), it was all DOS operating back then. You sat there because I kept the house cool, and the register was at the foot of the computer stand and it felt warm to you from there. I kept telling you to put a sweat shirt on, but you wouldn't.* THAT was where I first began to learn about digital imaging. You would sit there and tell me step by step what to do to make an image do what it needed to do, ie: buttons. :-) I just can't believe all those memories. I love you Nathan, always have, always will. I look forward to meeting you again.
*If I had it to do all over again, I'd have turned the thermostat up to 100!

I guess I better go, for now.

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