Thursday, September 25, 2008

A conversation with Nathan

Dear Nathan,

I sure miss you buddy and miss being able to talk to you and ask your advice and even debate with you, knowing that we will never agree on issues. Remember the debate we had about Ellen Degeneres? Turns out you were right! I wish you were here for me to tell you so. She's a pretty incredible entertainer and is an advocate for animals! Of course that wins points with me. And then there was Amy Sedaris, who I've come to really enjoy. I've seen her in lots of other things besides Strangers with Candy, (which by the way, I still don't like :-) ) and she is indeed quite a talented actress. I wish you were here for me to share that with you. And then music, which was always such an important part of your life, why did I have to be so priggish about it? I love music and always have. You liked so many different genres and we could have enjoyed hours of sharing had I not been so stubborn. I wish you were here so I could tell you all this. I'm sorry, so sorry Nathan that I didn't love you as I should have. I thought I did, but I made so many mistakes. Why did it take this to put things in perspective? Oh God forgive me. Well Buddy, I guess I need to go for today. I love you and miss you. My only comfort is that I'll meet with you again someday! To God be the Glory!


  1. He knows you love him. You made no mistakes. Even if you did, everyone does. He will never be forgotten and will be forever missed.

  2. Thank you Kristi. I can't help but feel I really messed up...

  3. I'm with Kristi Lin, you didn't mess up. My grandsons and I don't agree on all things, especially music, ;-) but they know I love them and I know they love me. Nathan knew you loved him.
    Huge hugs

  4. None of us ever parents, or grandparents, perfectly. But then again, none of us are ever the perfect child or grandchild. So we all have to live with each other and our mistakes. God has chosen to use imperfect vessels to perfect imperfect vessels. It's really almost humorous.

    Love is not always completely agreeing with each other or never being able to have a difference of opinion. In fact, love means being able to do all of that and still loving each other. I think Nathan knew that, and I'm confident that you know it too.

  5. He knew how much you loved him, Linda. The wonderful thing about relationships is that we can have disagreements and differences of opinion, yet they only tend to add a deeper dimension to our love. We love in spite of the opposing views, and they help us grow to know and love a side of the other person that was previously unknown.