Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On the Journey To Becoming Fully Human

From time to time I read something that totally brings this grief thing back into perspective and that was so today. I would like to share it with you now.
"I still remember holding the eighteen week old twins in the palm of my hands. As I peered down at their tiny bodies I was in awe of their finger nails, the eye lids and little toes that were all so perfectly formed. With reverence I witnessed the grief stricken young parents mourning their children they would never be able to nurture. Nor can I quite forget my experience in the Emergency Department with the seventeen year-old boy who was found in cardiac arrest in his bed at 7:00 a.m. by his parents shortly before they were to leave for work one morning. The doctors came into our small consultation room to tell us that they were able to bring him back one more time, but not sure how many more times they could do so. He was to have his senior pictures taken later that morning. At another time there was the elderly gentleman who had been raking leaves the day before, then went out into the yard the next morning to see his work, went back into the house to lay down, never to wake again. A bit later his wife called one of his sons and said,"Son, your daddy is dead, his is done dead."

"I have learned that to become fully human is to live with the awareness that we will not live in our human bodies forever. To become fully human is to celebrate the joys of birth and the sorrows of death. To be fully human is to walk on this earth realizing that the greater gift that we do not yet fully comprehend is yet to be known. It is to realize that our humanity is connected to the dust of this earth, where our bodies will one day return. The brokenness, the sorrows and imperfections of this life will one day passaway when we will enter that place where we will behold God face to face." by Randall W. Trego
The day will come when I meet God and Nathan face to face. Until then...

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  1. Aw, Lin, thanks for posting that by Mr. Trego (hope I spelled his name right) It sure makes you think.
    One day we will all come face to face with God and our loved ones who have gone before us and until then we just have to struggle on and keep our faith in God, knowing He shares all our sorrows.
    Remember that old song, We'll Understand It All By and By?
    Love you!